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The Club owns and operates the John Skemp Field Centre which is situated at Myrtle Bank a pleasant 35 minute drive north-east of Launceston, just off the road to Scottsdale. The Centre is built on the property bequeathed to the Club by the late John Rowland Skemp, a founding member of the Club. To read the history of the property follow the link.

The Centre is situated on approximately 60 hectares (148 acres) of wide open spaces, wet and dry sclerophyll forest, fern gullies and ponds on Skemp Creek. A number of nature trails (76Kb PDF) have been developed over the whole property.

The Centre provides indoor accommodation for twenty in two bunkrooms and two bedrooms (bed linen, blankets and pillows not supplied) and with a small private study area, two bathrooms each fitted with toilet and shower, a large furnished living area with wood heater and a fully equipped kitchen. An undercover area attached to the Centre allows use of the barbecue and outdoor seating in all weather. There is a large grassy area suitable for vans, tents and outdoor activities. The Centre can be hired by members of the public. Please contact the Bookings Manager to enquire about availability, current fees and additional requirements during your stay.

John Skemp Field Centre
John Skemp Field Centre
Photographer Noel Manning

Work at the Skemp's property is ongoing to maintain and upgrade the building, grounds and nature trails. This work is done by a small group of members who regularly attend the property and other members on our monthly Skemp's days or special project days. We also acknowledge the wonderful help of the workers provided by Conservation Volunteers Australia and Green Corps who have assisted our members in many ways on the property. To view past, present and ongoing activities and projects at the property follow the link.

Private Forests Reserve Covenant

A Covenant has been placed on the property which ensures that the forested areas are protected in perpetuity.

It snowed at the Skemp's property on 8 June 2011, follow link for photographs.

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